Here is what past attendees are saying about previous T9 Mastered events…

Four half-day Online Hearing Officer Training session, Sept. 24-25, 28-29, 2020

I felt included in the process. Not too high-level for a beginner, but those more experienced also seemed engaged.

Overall, truly one of the best training programs I have ever attended.

T9 Mastered is an excellent trainer on Title IX. I have used other vendors and by far, T9 is superior.

“I attended T9 Mastered’s Online Training Program for Hearing Officers in September of 2020. My goal in attending the program was to attain a comfort level in serving as a hearing officer for universities and colleges. For many Title IX practitioners, live hearings with expanded testimony and cross-examination, the use of party advocates, and other additional procedural requirements are all new obligations. I understand California has been using a similar model, but for those of us outside of California, the Title IX Amendments have substantially changed the previous method of conducting hearings and resolving Title IX complaints. For this reason, I was looking for training on the new hearing model and T9 Mastered did not disappoint.

After the four day course, I feel well-prepared to conduct hearings. Initially, I was concerned that the remote training would not provide the “hands-on” experience that I was looking for. However, T9 Mastered’s training gave participants an opportunity to practice the skills being taught. We had small breakout sections moderated by Liz DeChellis or Deborah Maddux, T9 Mastered trainers. The training included a lecture on trauma informed questioning techniques, which is a must in this area. The training culminated with a mock hearing where all participants had an opportunity to serve as hearing officers and receive immediate feedback. In many ways, the remote training was superior to a live-training course because all participants had an opportunity to try out the new skills in a small, non-intimidating environment. And virtual or remote hearings are likely to be in our foreseeable future, so learning how to manage a hearing in this setting was crucial. Also, because there were no travel costs, the training was very affordable.

I highly recommend the T9 Mastered training. Liz DeChellis has presided over 100 live hearings. She has a wealth of knowledge that she generously imparts in a practical effective way. The templates and examples are also impressive and helpful. T9 Mastered’s training was bar far the best training that I have received in the Title IX area. Compared to other training programs, T9 Mastered’s training is superior in terms of content, presentation style, engagement, and hands-on experience. This training is a must for those who will be conducting hearings for Title IX programs and who are new to the process.” -Vanessa M. Kelly, Esq. Clark Hill PLC

Three-day T9 Mastered: Essentials session in Pasadena, CA, Nov. 13-18, 2018

Fantastic presentations!
· Great variety of speakers; all quite engaging
· Great training! I thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciate all the new info to better inform practice.

The training has been helpful in my work thus far.

The case scenario was very well done. I’m impressed how nuanced and realistic it was given how little time we spent “live” with the witnesses.

Three-day T9 Mastered: Essentials session in Seattle, WA, Sept. 25-27, 2018

Wonderful training, thank you. I will definitely recommend to others and pass the info on to administrators who investigate.

This was a great informative training that really covers all the essential areas of being a successful Title IX investigator.

I really enjoyed the training. All of you do such a fabulous job. I am already using a lot of what I learned… Thank you.

Two-day Advanced session in Sacramento, February 27-28, 2018

Most approachable faculty & staff of any training.

Loved building the case throughout the program. Great way to weave in multiple concepts.

Best I’ve been to. Will recommend for other investigators.

This was great – would attend again. Loved the chance to brainstorm with other experienced investigators.

University of California Title IX investigators, March 7-9, 2017

Loved the continuing case study over three days and that we were able to participate as investigators.

I appreciated that the scenario required a good deal of analysis.

Good mix of all components. Really enjoyed trauma-informed session and report writing.

Excellent training. Very informative.

I would definitely recommend to others and even take again.