An Advanced Title IX Webinar –
Succeeding in Difficult Interviews: An Expert Approach

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Available to rent for a 24-hour period from when payment is made.
Includes training materials available to download.
Faculty: Keith Rohman, AWI-CH
Time: 56 minutes
Cost: $150
Discount: $125 for prior attendees of T9 Mastered. Click here to request your discount coupon code.

As a private investigator, Keith Rohman has spent decades investigating complex, high-level cases, which included hundreds of challenging and emotional interviews with witnesses from varied backgrounds and cultures. These interviewees have included survivors of torture at the Abu Ghraib prison, inmates on death row, elected officials or corporate executives accused of criminal misconduct, and students or employees with disturbing accounts of sexual harassment or discrimination on campuses and in the workplace.

In this advanced webinar, Keith brings his wide range of experience to a discussion of:

  • Interviewing across the divides: race, gender, class, and others
  • Dealing with confrontational witnesses, parties, or advisors
  • Trauma: witnesses’ and yours
  • Reading the room and reacting
  • Keeping yourself out of the frame and leaving only a few footprints
  • Working with interpreters
  • The most difficult interview: Following-up with the Title IX complainant

While this webinar focuses on Title IX interviews, it will benefit anyone who conducts interviews in their professional lives.