Consent: Gathering the Essential Facts

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Available to rent for a 24-hour period from when payment is made.
Includes training materials available to download.
Faculty: Liz Paris, Nora Rohman
Time: 1 hour, 51 minutes
Cost: $350
Discount: $300 for prior attendees of T9 Mastered. Click here to request your discount coupon code.

Campus sexual misconduct policies are grounded in consent. In this informative workshop, T9 faculty Liz Paris and Nora Rohman will explore this complicated landscape and dive into the challenges surrounding consent, including how to ask the necessary questions to ascertain:

  • What did the parties communicate to each other?
  • Was Complainant incapacitated due to drugs, alcohol, and/or sleep?
  • Could Respondent have reasonably known Complainant was incapacitated?
  • Was consent given for each escalation of sexual activity?

Join Liz and Nora as they confront the difficulties of gathering evidence, including determining facts around varying degrees of intoxication. Valuable for anyone investigating sexual misconduct involving students or employees, this program looks closely at collecting the essential information needed for a consent analysis.